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1750 point 40k tournament

November 29 @ 8:12 pm EST

Check in 10:00-10:50
Round 1 11:00-1:00
Lunch 1:00-1:55
Round 2 2:00-4:00
Round 3 6:05-6:05
Wrap up, winners announced 6:10-6:30
40k Tournament
$10 Entry Fee per entrant. Battleforged Army. Forgeworld rules allowed but you are required to bring a legitimate copy of the rules (no dodgy ripped pdfs from a file sharing site). Painting will account for approximately 25% of overall scores in 3 round tournaments, or approximately 20% in 4 round tournaments.
Required items include
a copy of your list for each round of the tournament plus one for the Tournament Organiser and one for yourself
all required rulebooks and supplemental books(current main rulebook, current Chapter Approved, any Index of Codex books from which your army is drawn, and any Forgeworld books from which your army is drawn). Physical or Electronic copies are acceptable as long as they are legitimately obtained.
Dice, measuring device (ruler or tape measure), enough dice to play your army at an appropriate speed, and any other needed items to play the game and/or move your models from table to table between rounds.
Models that are WYSWIG (What You See is What You Get).
Painting judging may take place between rounds, during lunch, before the tournament starts, or after. We will let players know when judging is to happen before the tournament starts. We always try to have at least two judges so that our results are more balanced and nuanced but there are times where unfortunately only one judge will be available. Armies that are fully painted, even at a lower quality, will always rank ahead of armies with unpainted models. Basing, conversion work, thematic efforts, difficulty of techniques used, and other criteria will be used by the judge(s) to give overall paint scores.
Command Point Reductions
Due to various problems with players being unprepared below is a list of things that can lead to a reduction of Command Points. These reductions are cumulative and in effect for each individual game.
Lack of proper books-if a participant does not bring their copy of the main rulebook, current Chapter Approved, and/or any needed Codex, Index, or Forgeworld book. -1CP
Lack of gaming implements-if a participant does not bring dice, ruler/tape measure, or anything else that they need to make their game happen. -1CP
Lack of army list- if a participant does not bring enough copies of their list (1 for each round of the tournament, 1 for themselves, 1 for Tournament Organiser). -1CP
Chess Clocks
From January of 2020 forward we plan to use chess clocks for our 40k tournaments. Time on the clock will be divided equally between the two players. If a player clock runs out the only thing that player may do for the rest of that round is roll saves.
All actions taken by a player including deployment happen on their clock and must be done in their allotted clock time.


November 29, 2022
8:12 pm EST