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FFF Comics 18 Hour Comic Auction Part 2 July 26th noon- 9 pm est

July 26, 2020 @ 12:00 pm - 9:00 pm EDT

Famous Faces is back with another extended auction- this time in two parts! We will be doing an 18-hour auction, but breaking it into two 9 hour chunks running live on Saturday, July 25th from 12 pm (noon) to 9 pm est and then picking back up Sunday, July 26th from 12 pm (noon) to 9 pm est!
Each hour will roughly correspond to a letter of the alphabet with A’s starting at Noon Eastern on Saturday, July 25th, B’s starting at 1 PM, and so forth all the way to 9 pm where we will close out the first part of our 18-hour auction. Then after getting some much-needed sleep, we will be back on Sunday, July 26th with the back half of the alphabet!
Here is the schedule all in EST
Saturday July 25th
12-1 pm A
1-2 pm B
2-3 pm C and D
3-4 pm E and F
4-5 pm G
5-6 pm H and I
6-7 pm J and K
7-8 pm L and M
8-9 pm anything goes!
Sunday July 26th
12-1 pm N, O, and P
1-2 pm Q and R
2-3 pm S
3-4 pm T
4-5 pm U
5-6 pm V
6-7 pm W
7-8 pm X, Y, and Z
8-9 pm anything goes!
We do charge 7% sales tax, regardless if you’re a mail-order or local to us. We are still offering $10 flat rate shipping within the continental US or delivery if you’re local to Palm Bay or Melbourne, Florida!
A $5 delivery fee will be applied to delivery orders under $30, but you can certainly add other comics to get over the $30 total for free local delivery.
If you do not live locally, we ask you to contact us via Facebook Messenger within 48 hours with your PayPal email You’ll receive a PayPal invoice typically within 12 hours after providing an email, but often sooner!
Share the auction (once it is LIVE each Friday) for a chance to win a $25 FFF giftcard. You can even use it on your auction items. We also put out a free item just about every hour…. so that means we will have 26 free items to give away!
Here are some ground rules for this giant undertaking. The auction will run exactly like a regular 3-hour auction, but because of its size, we will be a little more hard on the rules.
1. To claim an item, you must put a descriptor in the claim. So, if A is a Justice League look book you could say A JL or A Justice League or A Justice for example. If you leave off a descriptor, we’ll remind you to add one but if it becomes a constant issue we will skip the improper claim and go to the first person who claimed correctly.
2. We will keep to the letter(s) an hour so we can get through the entire alphabet. We will only revisit one letter back or one letter ahead of the current letter we are on.
3. You can send us a PM looking for additional books or add on items, but please understand that it may take as a little longer than usual to respond. Items in the auction must be claimed in the auction stream and not via a PM.
4. Your Facebook revolves around you and your immediate friends. In some cases, Facebook will display your comments first which will occasionally make it look like you claimed an item first when you did not. We see the comments in realtime, and since we are the origin point our Facebook connections to people do not affect how we see comments. We have the ultimate say in who gets what, and in some cases, we may have more than one copy of a book and can cover multiple people.
5. If we don’t already have your PayPal email, please send us a PM with your email and correct address after you make a claim.


July 26, 2020
12:00 pm - 9:00 pm EDT


Famous Faces & Funnies


Famous Faces & Funnies