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GamerzRUs Commander League

November 13, 2019 @ 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm EST

Please note that this is our first season and it will be a work in progress. Feedback is encouraged, please give it a few tries before you do though so we can test it and improve upon it as we go. If something is very broken we will address immediatly if it is minor we will adjust it after the season finishes. Payout’s are in store credit at the end of the season equivalant to the money put in.

GamerzRUs Command League point system

Each season = 8 weeks, 2 nights a week.
Game’s per day-2
Entry fee: 4 dollars

Perfect Point’s achievable in a season –

A new challenger approaches (Attending League) + 1 point

By Any Means (combat, poison, deck someone, alt win) + 1 point

Sun Tzu (Commander point based kill) + 1 point

Saving a player (Save a player from dying) + 2 points

First Blood (First person to deal 5 points of damage) + 1 point

Indomibitable (Casting your commander 4 or more time in a game) + 1 point

Stop hitting yourself ( Kill a player with their own card) + 1 point

Terraformer (Not fetching for anything but basic lands) + 1 point

‘The Kenny’ (Survive having lethal damage presented at you 2+ times) + 1 point

End Game Points

Finish the game with over 1000 life points + 1 point
Win the game and have the least amount of lands + 1 point

Negative Points

Killing a player before turn 4 – 1 point

Winning before turn 5 -2 points

Hey Ya’ll, watch this!(Playing an infinite combo ((a repeated effect, that doesn’t have to end)) before turn 5) – 3 points

Jail Time! (Locking a player out from playing the game for more than 1 turn) – 1 point

I’ve got the limelight. (Taking more than 1 extra turn in a row) – 1 point

Excovating (Blowing up more than one land in a turn) – 1 point

The Timmy (Destroying the whole battlefield *Lands included) – 1 point


November 13, 2019
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm EST


Gamerz R Us
3299 Commerce Rd
United States
(321) 735-7057
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Gamerz R Us