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New Years Bash 40k

January 5, 2020 @ 11:00 am - 5:00 pm EST

This is an event that Joe brought to us that we wanted to try out. $5 entry. Check in 11-11:30First dice at 11:45List rules* Army must have one common keyword* 3 models, no more not less.* Only 1 transport allowed per player* 450 points* Vehicles are allowed in their base form, no weapons or wargear swaps.Command point and warlord rules* Painted models earn 1 command point each, up to 3* If your list is a supreme command detachment 1 command point* If the entirety of your list is from one book 1 command point* If all of your models are from the same sub faction (e.g. Imperial Fists, World Eaters, Cadians) 1 command point* If your models are not from the same sub faction you roll a d3 to determine your warlord.* Command points can be used to buy relics, warlord traits, or other upgrades. Extra command points are converted to rerolls. No in game stratagems are permitted. Deployment* Players draw numbers from a hat. Lowest number deploys first, players then deploy in ascending numerical order.* All players in this event will deploy on their * All models in a players list must be within 3 inches of another model from that list during deployment* Models must be deployed 15 inches from any other players’ models.* One model per player may deep strike after round 1. If for any reason deep striking models do not deploy by the end of round 3 they are considered destroyed.First turn and Turn Order* In the first turn there is no shooting, charging, melee combat, or psychic powers that target enemy models. * Turns are what would normally be phases in a regular 40k game. Everyone completes the movement phase in succession, that is a turn. Once all of the normal phases have been completed that is a round. There is no moral phase as all models are single models. Phases/Turns Special Rules * Movement-Normal* Psychic-any model can deny an enhancing psychic power using the the current rules. Only a friendly model can deny an offensive psychic power targeting an enemy model using the current rules.* Shooting-Characters 10 wounds or more can be targeted as per normal rules. Characters with 9 wounds or less can be targeted if they are the nearest visible model. None visible models are ignored. Models can target characters that are not the nearest visible model if they pass a leadership test on 2d6. If they fail that roll they may not shoot that turn.* Charging-Charges work as normal but you may only declare a single charge target. *Fight-Each model still on the table gets to fight in the fight phase once. Models that have a rule allowing them to fight before a model that charged them will roll off to see who goes first. How does one win stuff?* Last man standing is the event champion* Player with the most kills is runner up (ties determined by number of Warlords slain)* If at the end of a round you are within 3 inches of a marker or have more models than any enemies within 3 inches of a marker, that marker is removed and you get a the prize assigned to that marker.


January 5, 2020
11:00 am - 5:00 pm EST


Strangeways Games


Strangeways Games