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New Year’s Bash Warmachine

January 5, 2020 @ 11:00 am - 5:00 pm EST

This is an event that Joe brought to us that we wanted to try out. It was originally designed for 40k but we have modified it for Warmachine. $5 entry. Check in 11:15-11:45First dice at noonList rules* Single Faction* 3 models, no more not less.* 20 points* Warbeasts, Warjacks, Warlocks, Warcasters, Lesser Warlocks, and Junior Warcasters are excluded* Battle Engines, Colossals, and Gargantuans are excluded.* Leaders, Grunts/Troopers, Unit Attachments, and Weapon Attachments may be taken as individual models at their base point cost rounded up to the nearest point. E.G. if a 10 person Mage Hunter Strikeforce costs 16 points then a single trooper or leader may be taken, the cost of that model is 1.6 points so that would round up to 2. If someone wanted to take the Command Attachment for that unit it would cost its normal 4 points. * Weapon Crews will be divided in points so that the weapon model costs more than half of the base cost of the unit. A two model weapon crew with cost 4 would break down as spotter 1 point, weapon 3 points. A 3 model 5 point weapon crew would have the grunts costing 1 point each, and the weapon costing 4 points, and so on. * Each player will nominate 1 player to be the Boss of their army. Bosses slain counts as a tie breaker in scoring later. Rerolls * Painted models earn 1 reroll each, up to 3* If your list is all from the same theme earn 1 reroll* Rerolls are up to one use only* Rerolls can only be used once per model, per player turnDeployment* Players draw numbers from a hat. Lowest number deploys first, players then deploy in ascending numerical order.* All models in a players list must be within 3 inches of another model from that list during deployment* Models must be deployed 15 inches from any other players’ models.* One model per player may ambush after round 1. If for any reason deep striking models do not deploy by the end of round 3 they are considered destroyedFirst turn and Turn Order* In the first turn there is no shooting, charging, melee combat, or spells that target enemy models may be used. * Each individual player’s activation is a turn. During that turn they do all actions allowed with their models. * Once all players have had a turn that is a round.How does one win stuff?* Last man standing is the event champion* Player with the most kills is runner up (ties determined by number of Bosses slain)* If at the end of a round you are withing 3 inches of a marker or have more models than any enemies within 3 inches of a marker, that marker is removed and you get a the prize assigned to that marker.


January 5, 2020
11:00 am - 5:00 pm EST


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Strangeways Games