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Overtime #2 – Ultimate Singles + Side Event (TBD)

August 1, 2021 @ 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm EDT

Who says you can’t put in work on the weekends? Introducing Brevard’s newest weekly: Overtime! Hosted by Drew “Zenemy” Jacoby, join us every Sunday at the newly-opened Game Over Arcade and Bar for some weekend fun.
F.Y.I. ~ In honor of our events, we receive 15% off of food and drinks on Sundays! Dig in!*
Tournament Page:


*Cash will be required for the tournament events; you can pay the venue fee with card/cash.
* Venue Fee – There are now TWO options for venue fee.
> $7.95 (all-day, full access to arcade/bar; Discounted from the usual $12.95)
> $5.00 (if you come just for Smash)

* Singles: $5
* Side Event: TBA

*Please note that the establishment is open until 12:00 AM – these are just tournament times. Enjoy your pass as long as you’d like & support the business!*
* 1:00 – T.O arrives; free-play; set-up
* 2:15 – Registration & Seeding
* 2:30 – Ultimate Singles begins

*Cash prizes; note that 100% of the tournament “pot” gets re-distributed to the winners*
* If there are under 8 entrants:
* 1st: 70%
* 2nd: 30%
*If there are between 8 and 32 entrants:
* 1st: 60%
* 2nd: 30%
* 3rd: 10%

Stage List: ‘The Box’ Ruleset (SBF Edition)
NOTE: Physical print-out of the stages/ruleset will be provided at each setup at the tournament.
Starter Stages:
* Battlefield
* Final Destination
* Pokémon Stadium 2
* Smashville
* Town & City
Counterpick Stages
* Kalos Pokémon League
* Yoshi’s Story
* Small Battlefield

Stage Selection Clauses
* Winner of the previous game will ban 2 stages.
* Modified Dave’s Stupid Rule (mDSR): Players are not allowed to counterpick to the *most recent* stage that they won on (applies mid-set only).


August 1, 2021
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm EDT


Game Over Bar Arcade


Smash That Future