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RPG Demo Day TEN Candles RPG

December 7, 2019 @ 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm EST

Ten Candles is a zero-prep tabletop storytelling game designed for one-shot 2-4 hour sessions of tragic horror. It was released in December 2015 and is best played with one GM and 3-5 players. It is played by the light of ten tea light candles which provide atmosphere, act as a countdown timer for the game, and allow you to literally burn your character sheet away as you play. Ten Candles is described as a “tragic horror” game rather than survival horror for one main reason: in Ten Candles there are no survivors. In the final scene of the game, when only one candle remains, all of the characters will die. In this, Ten Candles is not a game about “winning” or beating the monsters. Instead, it is a game about what happens in the dark, and about those who try to survive within it. It is a game about being pushed to the brink of madness and despair, searching for hope in a hopeless world, and trying to do something meaningful with your final few hours left.

List of Reviews comments on this awesome game.

“One of my favorite gaming moments ever.” -Rob Daviau (Pandemic Legacy)

“This game might top Dungeons & Dragons… A must-play game… An unforgettable experience.” -God Made Geek, Geek Made Stuff Podcast

“I love this game.” -James D’Amato (One Shot RPG Podcast)

“A masterful storytelling game.” -Justin Alexander (The Alexandrian)

“If you like horror RPGs, you can’t afford to miss this.
The genre has a new leader to beat.” -Michael Duxbury (Roll Plus Hot)

“It’s bleak, terrifying, and one of my favorite games ever written.” -Taylor LaBresh (Gnome Stew)

“So, so much fun.” -Marshall Miller (Fine Mess Games)

“Game design is fickle. It’s hard to do well. I always think the best [games] are games that marry the mechanical and narrative symbolism together. And Ten Candles hits it just perfectly out of the park… It’s unlike anything else I’ve ever played..” -Brandin Tyrrel (DLC Podcast)

“Brilliant mechanics.” -Fear The Boot Podcast

“The best RPG I have played in years. YEARS.” -Mike Kanarek (Aviary Games)

“In picking up Ten Candles, you’re acquiring the enchanted key to a vast library of doom and darkness that is somehow paradoxically also filled with hope, laughter, and togetherness. A key that is incredibly well-crafted, easily accessible, accompanied by clear directions, inexpensive, and so very worth it.”
-Cynthia Hornbeck (Shut Up & Sit Down)

“The single best game I’ve found for developing tension and fear in players is Ten Candles” -Richard B (Regulations, Rhetoric, and RPGs)

“There’s nothing quite like it… This thing sticks with you.” -Jamie Lindemann
(Nerdhaus Games)

“Just buy it, guys.” -Rachael Chambers (Rae Plays)



December 7, 2019
6:00 pm - 10:00 pm EST


Dogs of War Gaming


Dogs of War Gaming