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Squirrels Gone Wild: Blood Bowl Tournament!

January 15, 2022 @ 10:00 am - 1:00 pm EST

3 round 11s tournament capped at 30 players
+ Entry fee will be $20.00 sent via PayPal to
+ If you are not signed up for NAF, add + $5.00
+ Each coach will get SWAG just for playing including D6s and an Akhorne model
+ A Blood Bowl team with each position easily identified
+ 2 copies of your roster (one for you and one for your opponent)
+ Pitch, Dugouts, Ball, Dice, Rulebook (if you can)
+ Blood Bowl Second Season (2020) Rule Set
+ All Races in the Rulebook, Teams of Legend Document,
& NAF additional
+ All injuries reset after each game
+ Apothecaries work as described in the Rulebook
You are given 1,200,000 gold pieces to build your team. You may purchase players, rerolls, fan factor, coaches, and cheerleaders as normal with this money
Deathzone is NOT being used for this tournament
NO STAR PLAYERS except Akhorne may be used.
Everyone will get Akhorne for free and MUST field him. Akhorne can NEVER be removed from the pitch and treats all casualties rolled against him as stunned
Note: You must have 11 players on your team not including Akhorne
After team is built, you are given +200,000 gold pieces to buy Normal and/or Doubles skills
Primary Skills cost 20,000 each
Secondary Skills cost 40,000 each
You may not purchase any stat upgrades
You may give each player up to two additional skills
Your team may only take up to two of each skill total
(For instance, a Human Blitzer may be given Mighty Blow & Dodge in addition to already having Block. Also, two Dwarf Blockers may be given Guard, but you cannot give Guard to anyone else.)
+ You MUST use the D6’s you received as swag in each of your games
+ You may use your own block dice provided they are from GW or the NAF.
Special Rules:
Protect Your Nuts: Trap doors are always in effect using this instead of what’s in the book- Any player who steps on a trap door, voluntarily or otherwise, immediately roll a d6. On 4+ squirrels attack to protect their stash using the same rules as stab. If the players armor isn’t broke and it is their active turn, they may continue movement as normal afterwards.
Nut Shot!: Any foul performed by Akhorne, or in which Akhorne provides an assist gets a +1 to the armor roll
Akhornes Day to Shine:
There will be 3 special play cards for coaches to use on Akhorne. Each one lasts until the end of the drive and you may only play one card per game. Once that card is spent, you may not use it again for the rest of the tournament.
#1) Playing this card allows Akhorne to autopass all Dauntless rolls
#2) Playing this card gives Akhorne Block and Tackle
#3) Akhorne loses the No Hands trait and gains Sure Feet


January 15, 2022
10:00 am - 1:00 pm EST


The Brevard Game Lounge


Joseph Hoffmann