Hello Brevard county residents and visitors! My name is Brian, owner, of 321 Gaming LLC, Brevard county native with a passion for the gaming industry. When growing up here I would frequent a few of the local game spots that had been established through out the 90's such as Mr. Arcade and United Gaming. I miss those shops, and as the gaming industry evolved the local businesses have too. My goal with 321 Gaming LLC is to provide up to date news and curated information on the local gaming industry here. From video games, console, PC to table top and card games like Magic the Gathering, DBZ and to Pinball and other gaming related events. We are just getting started and have a ton planned for the next few years.

We have all kinds of events ranging from weekly, monthly and annually at almost every shop in town! Check our Events calendar, Facebook & YouTube.


I vision 321 Gaming LLC to be the best resource for residents and visitors of Florida's SpaceCoast to find events and connect gamers together.


Our mission is to unite gamers through community events and business curation.