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Thank you for checking out our list of events as hosted by 321 Gaming LLC. Many events are tournaments based on current game titles. We strive to lay a foundation for Space Coast esports and competitive gamers. Below you can find an outline of the events we plan on having for this year. Currently we utilize Facebook and various gaming platforms to maintain our leagues and tournaments. Please share with your friends and favorite gamer.

Planned Events & Tournaments for 2022

Tournament - February 4th 2022 in Viera - Madden
Tournament - February 5th 2022 in West Melbourne - Madden

Event - July 2022 - Veterans and Vanguard @ Game Fest All2Easy Gaming

Event - Fall/Winter 2022 - Brevard Esports and Streamers in Tech 2022 (B.E.S.T. 22)

*Tournaments are single elimination matches on 1 gaming title.
**Events will have speaking engagements, tournament(s), and other activities.

Archive 2021

January 2021

CODMW 1 vs 1

February 2021

12 Hour Stream Challenge

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November Pre-Season 2022

Rocket League

December Pre-Season 2022

Call of Duty Warzone Duo
Apex Legends Solo