AFDEsports, Digital Battlegrounds & Gamerz R Us

Our weekend began by heading out to Digital Battlgrounds Esport Academy inside the Florida Fashion Square Mall Orlando. There was a Call of Duty Search and Destroy tournament that day hosted by AfterDark Esports. teams as far as Miami and Jacksonville came out to compete in this 1st of many events by AFD. Digital Battlegrounds was an amazing experience when it comes to an esports arena. Like your traditional lan centers they had plenty top of the line PCs as well as many PS4 Pros for you and your friends to play on. Running on the GG network you can login and keep track of your leaderboards and other competitors.

Unfortunately we did not have a team for this competition and left before finals got started. On our way back to Brevard, we wanted to stop by Gamerz R Us out in Cocoa. We have never been here before but always are sharing their content. They are located in an old shopping mall with great space. You'll find them with two doors, front window decals and a banner on the roof. Inside you'll find friendly staff, locals playing or trading, and lots of great card & board games. With 5 tables and plenty of chairs for people to battle on, they also have couches in the back with PS4 and Xbox setups.