Brevard Call of Duty League

Thank you for your interest in the Brevard Call of Duty League. Please be patient with us as we start our first season in eSports for Florida's SpaceCoast gamers. All rules and terms are subject to change.
1. Update to the opening start date, Sunday March 15th 2020.
2. Postponed per COVID-19 world event, rescheduled Sunday April 19th 2020.
3. Find us on GYO for Call of Duty Leagues and Tournaments

For this first season, Modern Warfare Gunfight mode format will be used for 1 vs 1. This league will be online, managed by
Activision ID: at321gaming#9047538
Register at 321 Gaming on GYO

We have a Discord for easier communication.

Season 01 Opening Match Day: April 19th 2020 Sunday, 2:00PM Online Host at321gaming#9047538 Register Here

Season 01 Tournament: April 19th 2020 Sunday @, 4:00PM Online Host at321gaming#9047538 Register Here

If you would like to take part in our Brevard Call of Duty League, please fill in your details in this Registration Form below. Spread the word. We hope to stream these matches on our Twitch channel.


Brevard Call of Duty League