July in Brevard

Masks are not mandatory July in Brevard, but many store owners are enforcing mask wearing and providing curbside business. That's right, many of the shops around the SpaceCoast have re-opened! The stores who are enforcing wearing of masks will have a sign placed at their entrances, please be aware.

Events going on during July in Brevard have started popping up. Famous Faces and Funnies continues to hold Facebook Live auctions for many of their new and collectible products. Other stores have also received new card decks and games, as well as amazing trade ins. Jump over to our 321 Gaming Facebook page to keep up to date on all the deals going on in town.

Esports gaming platforms are on the rise. The past few months I have been on the GYO Score esport platform that many of the colleges are starting to use. Thought it has much to offer I think it is a bit complex for simple tasks. This month we are trying out a well known bracket system, Challonge. We will still be posting all of our events on GYO to build an organization of teams and players, but are moving forward with Challonge for easier tournament sign ups and execution. What is really cool, GYO has built in interface for Challonge!

We have decided to do a monthly tournament for Call of Duty players, 1 vs 1 Gunfight mode. Each month one map will be selected for the monthly tournament. July will be Docks map, 1 vs 1 gunfight default rules - all games are hosted by 321 Gaming, cross-platform allowed - controller ONLY. For more details please visit:

Here are some notable events in July in Brevard:

King of the Docks - 1 vs 1 CODMW Gunfight
321 Gaming
Where: Online
When: July 19th @ 4pm
More info: Link

Magic The Gathering Weekly
Where: Ready Set Game
When: July 4th @ 1pm
More info: Link

Pokemon League
Where: Get Your Fun On
When: July 24th @ 4:45pm
More info: Link

Got an event in Brevard that is gaming related? Let us know and we will put it up on the calendar!