Melbourne Toy and Comic Con

Cosplay scavenger hunt, rare collectibles, board games and crafters all joined up at the Melbourne Auditorium this past weekend for the Melbourne Toy & Comic Con. I hope you were able to make it, as we were not able to get much time in but still managed to check a few things out and pick up a few Funko Pops! Many vendors came out from all around Florida to make this event, bringing many collections of vinyl toys, and toys from decades ago. I made sure to pick up a few business cards and wanted to share some of them. Notable ones were Tinker's Caravan who are 3D printer enthusiast and make many game related accessories. Picked up a little Super Mario cube that will hold all my Nintendo Switch games. The Vaulted Collection was another seller of Funko Pop toys, but unlike many other collections I saw he had a stack of rare editions and also signed toys. People that caught my eye were Old Man Cosplay, making some sweet steampunk styled works and Nikferatu with hand crafted wicked art and prop work.

October isn't over, and neither are the conventions. There's a few left in Florida before end of the year, including Brevard Library Con, Wasabi Con, and Pinball Fest! Check out our events page for more info.