321 Gaming on GYO

With most of the world on lockdown, 321 Gaming is on GYO now! Let us explain a little bit about GYO and the near future for Brevard gamers. Many of the game and comic shops have closed their locations momentarily while providing an online and curbside pickup services. Please continue to support local business as much as possible. You can use our 321 Gaming Directory page to find shop phone numbers and locations.

Last month we tried to start a league, this month we are still trying as well as a tournament for this coming up Sunday. We have change the format to 1 vs 1 on both events.

Find us on GYO as a Gaming Organization, 321 Gaming. You will need to create an account on GYO and then apply to our gaming organization.
After joining our organization on GYO you can participate in a number of things:
1. You can join any of our tournaments.
2. You can join any of our leagues.
3. You can join our public open teams.

Hoping to run successful leagues and tournaments through this platform, so please join and share. Titles we want to host include Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Rainbow 6 Siege, and League of Legends.

321 Gaming on GYO! Let's go! You can also use this platform to find other gamers, organizations and even opportunities for scholarships.

COVID-19 Information!
Don't think you are escaping this blog without seeing some information on this lethal virus. Here in Brevard we are taking it seriously, at least I'd like to hope. As mentioned before many of our shops have closed their doors but not their operations. Please call our shops and setup a curbside pickup or delivery for games and entertainment needs.