Happy New Year on the SpaceCoast

321 Gaming on Twitch

Happy New Year on the SpaceCoast and we can not wait to get things started! The first thing is, we will be streaming more frequently for the month of January. Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays we will be live streaming at 8:00PM EST on both www.twitch.tv/team321gaming AND www.facebook.com/321gaming Each stream will have a main topic such … Read more

Brevard Events December 2020

Brevard Events December 2020 Florida has just finished off hurricane season and started to feel its first temperature changes for winter season. Next week is the last week for 30% off our store, please check it out and pick yourself a comfortable long sleeve shirt. Not a whole lot of changes, but be sure to … Read more

November Games in Brevard

November Events

November Games in Brevard 2020 9 more days til December. Posting this blog later than usual, we hope that is okay. Did you catch our stream last week? If not, take a peek at our YouTube channel and watch the edit of Sunday’s stream. There is some good news in Brevard, so lets get to … Read more

Brevard Marketing October 2020 Promo

Brevard Marketing October 2021 Promo We are stepping into the final months of the year. This past year we noticed we have consistently increased our unique viewership to our website. We would like to offer you our “Site Advertising” services for a promotional price of $50 for 3 months. What to expect for 3 months: … Read more

October and Brevard Call of Duty League

October 2020

October and Brevard Call of Duty League October As we’ve entered the last 3 months of October we decided to announce the last events of the year. You may have noticed there 2 events per month. Adding a 2 vs 2 CDL Search & Destroy to be played before the Gunfight tournament. Head over to … Read more

Brevard Gaming in September

September Events in Brevard

September 2020 Welcome to our monthly blog for events and local gaming news. Let’s also welcome a new gaming establishment, The Brevard Gaming Lounge located in the Suntree/Melbourne area. Here you can find a wide range of board games, miniatures and board game nights. On the horizon a bar arcade is due to open off … Read more

King of the Shipment

King of the Shipment went down this past Sunday. Did you play or catch the action? Hosted by 321 Gaming’s gnarlyDUCk the stream and online tournament went pretty smooth. We definitely still have some things to work on but are continuing with these monthly tournaments for COD. Be sure to follow us on Facebook to … Read more

August Events in Brevard

August Events in Brevard

August Events in Brevard Thank you for visiting 321Gaming.com resource for SpaceCoast gamers and visitors to Brevard Florida. Now living through our 2nd spike of COVID cases for Florida, businesses continue to put safety and cleansing practices in place to keep doors open. Masks are now required at businesses and some continue to offer online … Read more

Esports in Florida

Esports in Florida The esports industry is all set to make its mark all over the globe since it is predicted that by the end of 2022 esports will be worth $2 billion [1]. Every region is playing a vital role in propelling the industry to remarkable heights. By the year 2021, eSports will have … Read more

321 Gaming on GYO

Brevard April COVID

With most of the world on lockdown, 321 Gaming is on GYO now! Let us explain a little bit about GYO and the near future for Brevard gamers. Many of the game and comic shops have closed their locations momentarily while providing an online and curbside pickup services. Please continue to support local business as … Read more