Brevard Gaming in September

September 2020

Welcome to our monthly blog for events and local gaming news. Let's also welcome a new gaming establishment, The Brevard Gaming Lounge located in the Suntree/Melbourne area. Here you can find a wide range of board games, miniatures and board game nights. On the horizon a bar arcade is due to open off of New Haven near downtown Melbourne.

Did you catch our monthly COD tournament 2 weekends ago? It was a blast, we had 8 players show up to play for 1 vs 1 on Shipment. At the end of the month we will again be hosting another CODMW 1 vs 1 Gunfight on Bazaar! Prize to be announced later this month and spots are limited. 4 players are signed up already, 8 spots left. Let's hope this tournament fills up and prepare for October, November and December events. We are changing the format next month adding an additional event each month, stay tuned.

Here are some notable gaming tournaments and events happening September in Brevard:

King of the Bazaar - September 27th @ 4:00PM
Online - Hosted by 321Gaming
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 1 vs 1
Registration Link - Facebook Link

Smash Bros. - September 12th @ 6pm
Big Screen Gaming
CW Theaters
Facebook Event Link

Pokemon Weekly - September 22nd @ 5pm
Ready Set Game
Facebook Link

As we gear up for fall, new apparel designs will become available at our current TeeSpring store.

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