Dobe Wheel Review for Nintendo Switch

Rating: 5/5

The Dobe controller manipulate wheel is a lightweight controller that is very comparable to the Nintendo branded wheel accessory. Allows the player to take control of the game scenario for games such as Mario Kart. The wheel is an added enhancement to the game and maintains nostalgia for racing games. We decided on a rating of 5/5. Having both the Nintendo version of the wheel and this Dobe, it is worth the buy.

The box - Honestly, it is not too appealing but it get's the point across with a large image of its contents, the product, a Nintendo Switch Wheel Accessory. Wrapped in lightweight Styrofoam, there wasn't much else to the package.

Wheel Accessory Build - The first thing you'll notice is the lightweight plastic used. Triggers do not click, but neither do the Nintendo branded wheels. The Joy controller will slide into place with light pressure to secure them.

Gameplay - Not for big hands, though a wheel accessory still capable. I don't want this to be a negative, because still in comparison to the Nintendo wheel it is also small for bigger hands. For kids, it's a perfect fit for their hands. We also find the trigger buttons are a bit longer and are easier for kids fingers.

Bottom line:
In comparison, this Dobe version is a much better alternative wheel accessory and does not come with the hefty price tag.