Space Coast Gaming Events

Pokemon League

Get Your Fun On

Every Friday from 5pm - 7pm. Come join us for League Play. Whether you are a beginner (ages 6+) or an experienced player, this is the place for you. We ... Read more

Digimon Locals

Gamerz R Us 3299 Commerce Rd

6 Dollar entry Tournament Pack upon entry. 1 and 1/2 packs per person are put into a pot to be split among top placers.

Weekend War Gaming

The Brevard Game Lounge

Every Saturday we will be running Warhammer 40k, Kill Team, and Necromunda for everyone to come out! Talk with one of our many individuals who can help teach each different ... Read more

Pokemon TCG Weekly

Gamerz R Us 3299 Commerce Rd

10 Dollar entry, each entrant will put 2.5 packs of the currently available standard set into a pot to be split among top placers after respective rounds of best of ... Read more

BGL Pokemon Trading Card Game Open Play

620 Barnes Blvd, Rockledge, FL 32955-5210, United States

Come out and play in our developed Pokemon group! Whether you are new or seasoned when it comes to the TCG, our community is filled with casual players.

Paint Meetup

Get Your Fun On

Tired of painting alone or need some pointers. Maybe you enjoy helping others get into the hobby. Whatever it is, come on in and hang out every other Sunday from ... Read more

Digimon TCG Locals

Gamerz R Us 3299 Commerce Rd

10 Dollar entry, each entrant receives two tournament packs upon entry and puts 3 packs into a pool to split among top placers after required rounds of swiss format best ... Read more

Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer’s League

The Brevard Game Lounge

Our Adventurer's League is full of new and experienced adventurers! We meet every Monday night with plenty of DMs to help guide you through the realm of D&D. Extremely casual, ... Read more

(Battle)Tech Tuesdays

The Brevard Game Lounge

Starting up BattleTech every Tuesday! Every week we will be having our BattleTech players in here demoing games and throwing down their mechs. Come on out and enjoy the mayhem! ... Read more