Play Throughs

A Play Through is gameplay from start to finish. This typically will cover most missions with examples of failure and success without editing. Hopefully this will give a raw performance of the player completing the game. Although the game may be finished, not all trophies may be obtained. Thank you for watching.

This page offers handpicked play through games pertaining to local issues or other goal of bringing awareness.
We stream all of our play through in 1 or 2 hour segments at our Twitch channel.
And we upload the full play through to our YouTube Channel.

If you have any game suggestions, please comment on the most recent video.

Bramble: The Mountain King - Read the our Review
*Warning - Intense graphic and topics about death. Why we selected Bramble
Firewatch - Read the our Review Why we selected Firewatch
We choose Firewatch for the month of August as we have had near record breaking heat. Fire is at its peak this time of year and we want to bring awareness to fire watch and fire warnings. Much of Florida's brush is managed by local fire departments which is a great blessing to nearby residents and wildlife. But we still need to be aware when we celebrate with fire works and other party celebrations that are depicted in this game.