Firewatch 2016 Review


Why we selected Firewatch:
We choose Firewatch for the month of August as we have had near record breaking heat. Fire is at its peak this time of year and we want to bring awareness to fire watch and fire warnings. Much of Florida's brush is managed by local fire departments which is a great blessing to nearby residents and wildlife. But we still need to be aware when we celebrate with fire works and other party celebrations that are depicted in this game.


Unsure if going into a game with little expectation is a precursor to enjoying a game. That is how Firewatch turned out. Installed from Xbox Game Pass with intention to bring awareness to fires and it quite delivered in an unexpected way. Managed to finish this game at 4 hours and 30 minutes with few deaths in game. The story feels like a choose your own adventure novel. The game starts out with dialogue to set the feel from the characters point of view. Played in first person you take up a firewatch position in Shoshone Wyoming National Forests.

Fires become least of your worries as paranoia and other events happen around you. This game is played at your own pace with little exploration over a medium map. The controls for gameplay are very simplistic giving most of your attention to the storyline leaving you to your imagination. Although the beginning lacks narration, majority of the game does have voice acting.

If you like role playing, you can get in character quite well with this game. However, it is still very enjoyable keeping up with the main objective and listening to the story as it unfolds by each decision you make.

Would we play it again? Perhaps for trophies or speed run.

Would we recommend it as a chill game for rainy days? Yes.

Overall Firewatch blew our expectations for a suspenseful at times yet relaxing gameplay. There are not many games revolving around this type of scenario, firewatch or forest ranger. And for a dated game, it holds up visually appealing even though it lacks detailed textures.

Watch the play through here: