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The new Shop is here! And slowly it will grow. Currently you can find: 321 Gaming tickets to events, Memberships and other branded gear. Read more into this blog for details, there is a lot. We've got a lot to cover in this blog, so lets get to it.

Support us with branded gear.

First, we want thank each and every one of our followers on all of our social platforms. Our Otter and Turtle logos are now available for print on breathable cotton T-Shirts. In the near future we will be adding more to our selection for T-Shirts and other gear for gamers.

321 Gaming Memberships

We are launching this idea now and through next year. We will do our best to explain our future plans for 321 Gaming Memberships here. Our plan is to do seasonal gaming leagues with events at select locations throughout Brevard. Seasonal, 3 months - January, February and March (Season 1) - April, May and June (Season 2) - July, August and September (Season 3) - October, November and December (Season 4).
Each month we commit two gaming events, free and paid, with the possibility of adding events. And each event will have a cash prize or other sponsored prize winning.

Members will get free entry to all events and as well as seasonal gaming gear. There will be two membership offerings: Annual and Seasonal. Each season will have a main topic such as First Person Shooters, Sports, Battle Royal, and to be announced. Non-members will have paid entry for future events not marked free.

Pre-Season 2022 Membership (October, November and December 2021)
This membership is now available in our store - entry to all events til next season, T-Shirt and sunglasses, sale ends October 1st. All events are played on  location in the gaming room at Viera's Regional Community Center. There are 6 events lined up - Warzone Solo, Warzone Duos, Apex Legend Solo, Apex Legends Duos, Rocket League Duos, and Fortnite Solo. Tickets can be individually purchased to each event.

Age Requirements or Waiver, Media Release and more...

As a marketing company, we often take pictures and videos at our events which are often at public business. But we want to be thorough in how we manage these events. We recently have implemented age requirements and media release forms. All games have age ratings and we are going to adhere to those as much as possible. Alongside these we encourage all skill levels to participate in our events and provide an age waiver for parents that are eager to see their younger players play and win. We also realize not everyone wants to be in a photo or video and now provide a media release form.

See you in the game room

We would like to give a special shout out to Kyle for letting us use the game room in Viera Regional Community Center. This room has opened many opportunities to local gamers, residents and visitors to connect with another. We plan on continuing to work with VRCC's game room to cultivate a strong community.

Thanks for taking the time to read through this blog. If you have any questions please reach out to us on the social platform you choose or at info @