Brevard Events January Streams

Brevard Events January are here and loaded up in the Events link! If you have an event that is gaming related, and also in the Central Florida area, please contact us.

This is our 1st stream of the year and plan to continue a bi-weekly stream each month. In these streams we would like to focus on any gaming related businesses and events in and surrounding Brevard County. Please follow us on Twitch for live streams, check us out on Facebook for current topics shared by local business.

Hope to see you back in another week to wrap up Brevard Events in January 2020 and any Florida eSports news. Don't forget to check out any of the mentioned establishments, especially Quarters Brewery in downtown Melbourne.

Welcome to the 2nd stream of January, and we are happy we kept our word on these bi-weekly streams. Hope this 2nd stream is informative on some of the events happening here in Brevard for the next few days.

Please get out this week downtown Melbourne and say your goodbyes to Quarters Brewery. Bring a pocket full of quarters for the pinball and arcade games then pull up to the bar for a crisp craft beer. Are you a Magic The Gathering fan? This Friday and following Monday you can pull up with your deck to Get Your Fun On and Ready Set Game. Have a wonderful rest of the month, see ya for the SpaceCoast Comic Con.