January 2020 Brevard Events

Happy New Year 2020 and we got a list of Brevard gaming events in Florida for you to check out. As we have started out this site our goal is to focus on the gaming industry in Brevard. We hope we are providing you with great source of information for events and news about businesses in the area as well as the rest of Florida. As we grow we are going to continue to focus on curating local eSports, table top and card gaming events and many other things to come. Don't forget to find us on Facebook, Facebook Groups, Instagram, Twitch and YouTube.

There is some unfortunate sad news at the beginning of January with the closing of Gamers Respawn and announcement closing for Quarters Brewery, but there is an optimistic outlook for some new Brevard gaming events.

Hopefully we can bring up some spirits with our own announcement for Brevard Call of Duty League! You can register and find out more information on our new COD page. We are still creating and organizing this, but are ready to move forward. This league will be for gamers 18+, will have an opening day at a selected venue and then a tournament at end of the season. We plan that this will go well and hope to continue with other leagues such as table top games and card games including Magic the Gathering, and other free to play console games. We have big aspirations for 321 Gaming's 2020 and hope to see you around.


Brevard Game Shops