Brevard Gaming 2022

Brevard Gaming in 2022

We are halfway through January and gaming events are already underway. Where to begin...

Let's begin with a warm welcoming, because what is with this cold weather? Thank you all for reading our blogs and web pages! It means a lot to us as our metrics show we have doubled our unique viewing! This helps us rank higher in results and in turn helps our local community learn about the emerging gaming businesses in town.

While we are on topic with our site, lets talks about the recent changes. Brevard gamers, we have added 3 new categories to the 321 Gaming Directory. Recreation, Education, and Organizers! Yes, some of the Space Coast recreation organizations have starting gaming initiatives. Last year we held many events at the new Game Room inside Viera Regional Community Center. We shared online tournaments hosted by City of Palm Bay on the Mission Control esports app. And Satellite Beach community room holds family and friend centric games once a month. Code Craft Works and CraftingEducation Academy both cater to your children who love to learn. They often have bootcamps and parent nights where your kids can play and learn how to code in Minecraft and other games. Lastly a big thanks to the local event organizers currently putting on gaming events.

A little more on the topic, events. On this site, we have a few event resources. We have our Calendar page but we also have our Play list. Our Calendar page is currated mostly from Facebook, created events by local businesses and organizers. While our Play list page is a few different initiatives for 321 Gaming. The first is 321 Gaming LLC hosted events and tournaments, followed by Top 5 Plays and Creators pages.

Brevard Gaming in January - Here are some upcoming events to check out for January.

Sunday Smash
Venue: Game Over Bar and Arcade
Game: Smash Ultimate
Time: 1PM - Every Sunday

Monday Night Magic The Gathering
Venue: Infinite Mushroom
Game: Magic the Gathering Modern
Time: 630PM - Mondays

Age of Sigmar
Venue: Dogs of War Gaming
Game: Warhammer
Time: 1PM

We will do our best to get a February blog out sooner!

Space Coast is growing and so is the gaming industry. With growth comes opportunities. We hope we continue to grow to give local and visiting gamers opportunities to connect and have fun. We want to be the best resource for Brevard gamers. As our site grows, our main resource, we have an opportunities for those who seek advertising or would like to see us grow. The foot of this website has 3 ad spaces, our blog and store has an additional 3 fixed to the right. Our Google searches are 300 monthly, alongside our current annual website traffic at 4K unique viewers and social platforms. Check out our current Advertising pricing. Aside from ads on our site we have Sponsorship opportunities. Sponsorships are limited and have three tiers. Each package will get you ad space on our site but also ad space on our social platforms and Search Engine Optimization practices. Lets work and grow together.

Final words for Brevard Gaming in 2022

As we enter the year, lets make it a good one and memorable. This year we are focused on "less is more". We are hosting less events this year, but each event will have more planning and involvement. It is not about quantity, but quality for 2022.

Big thank you to past and current sponsors! Check them out on our new Sponsors page!