Brevard Marketing October 2020 Promo

Advertise in Brevard

Brevard Marketing October 2021 Promo

We are stepping into the final months of the year. This past year we noticed we have consistently increased our unique viewership to our website.
We would like to offer you our "Site Advertising" services for a promotional price of $50 for 3 months.

What to expect for 3 months: A footer image on our website, 2 blog posts about your company (copy by you or written by us), and 1 page on our website.
Footer images are displayed at the bottom of every webpage on our website.
Please contact info @ for sale or more information.

Site advertising
We offer a few options when advertising in Brevard for our website.
Footer images, blog write up, or a company page.

  • Footer Image - Send us or let us make you a custom footer image.
    Dimensions: 300px by 150px
  • Blog Post - Have some news to share, must be original content.
    Your post on our blog space. No word limit and up to 10 images (2MB max). Have an event to share, game review, or other site related post, do that here. All content must be suitable for all ages, no explicit content.
  • Written Blog Post - We will write a blog post for you with SEO integration.

    • Posts are also ported to our Facebook page.
  • 321Gaming Site Page
    Your own page, linked through Top Menu on
    Storage limited to 100MB