Brevard Valentines 2021

Brevard Valentines 2021

We have approached the 2nd month of 2021, February and there are events awaiting for you. First, lets talk about some updates ahead for us at 321 Gaming LLC. Last month we put a focus on streaming content and how we want to continue to provide up to date weekly news with gameplay. We've set a goal to stream 3 days a week. This month we focus on Tuesday, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8PM EST, each week a different game will be played. Our currently focused games are FIFA21, COD Series, and Rocket League. Please drop by our streams to learn more about Brevard gaming industry and join us in some games.

Please support your local businesses. Many are reopened and are still offering curbside delivery. You can find current information on sales and events on our Facebook page. But, as always we will highlight a few events in this blog that are worth checking out.

Before we get into some events, I want to introduce our first Volunteering opportunities. As a grassroot startup, I could use a little help to get things running more efficiently. I'd love to expand into a team by offering all my knowledge in turn for some of your time and passion. If you have any interests please use this form. When our site updates complete this month, there will be a webpage dedicated to our opportunities and surveys.

Looking to take your date to a Brevard Valentines event? We found one for all you board game lovers:

The Brevard Gaming Lounge
Valentine's King of Catan Tournament
Saturday February 13th @ 5PM

Twitch or Facebook Gaming
Inaugural 12 Hour Stream hosted by 321 Gaming
Sunday February 21st @ 6AM

Space Coast Convention Center
Space Coast Collectors Fest
Sunday February 28th @ 9AM

Thank you for reading our monthly blog. For more behind the scenes, we have prioritized our website. Over the past year we have stumbled across typos and changes to some of our pages. These will be corrected, as well as new pages will be created to give visitors and gamers an updated resource. We have voiced some of these upcoming changes in our recent YouTube videos. Be sure to check them out, subscribe and share with your favorite Brevard Valentine.