Brevard County Gaming Events, Streamers & More

Brevard County Gaming Events for January can be found in our last blog. But as January comes to an end, lets recap on what we did here at 321 Gaming LLC.

This month we wanted to focus on our streams. For January, we set a schedule of Sunday, Wednesday and Friday streaming on platforms both
If you joined us during these streams thank you, and if you followed or shared we appreciate you too! Each week we focused on a different game, and each day we focused on a different topic for what we offer to the SpaceCoast.

Along our streams we also edit and produce videos on YouTube. This month we pushed out 2 videos to give you a better understanding of who we are.
In this first video we talk about Brevard County Gaming Events. In addition to the events we host, many of the businesses listed on our homepage have reoccurring events.

In our 2nd upload of the month we focused more on our social media platforms and then showcased local gaming YouTube creators. We hope you take the time to watch and share these videos.

February is coming up and we are going to change up our stream schedule. More details in the upcoming blogs. Next month we will also show you what we are working on to further our vision. And as we progress through the year, we will strengthen our mission. Thank you for reading and hope you have found this site a great resource to Brevard County.