Gaming in May

Space Coast visitors and residents, Brevard businesses have so much going on for this month! You can read up on all the details at our Calendar page. Don't forget to join the 321 Gaming Facebook group to share all your events and content. The long awaited opening of The Game Over Bar & Arcade is set to open mid month, and GroundSwell has started entrepreneur game night. But wait, there's more, Viera Regional Community Center has also opened up a game room with PS4Pros.

Brevard gaming in May, here are some quick highlights:

321 Gaming Presents Rocket League 2 vs 2 Tournament
Thursday May 13th, 6PM
Free - Prize to be announced.
Viera Regional Community Center

321 Gaming 12 Hour Stream Challenge Fundraiser for Marine Resources Council
May 23rd, 6AM-6PM

321 Gaming Presents Warzone Killrace
Thursday May 27th, 6PM
Free - Prize to be announced.
Viera Regional Community Center

That's a first... we highlighted 321 Gaming exclusively! That's right, we are busy this month. We also intend, have scheduled to stream Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Don't get used to it though, we mentioned 2021 would be full of experimenting. In the past we has soley streamed Call of Duty games with FIFA 21 and Rocket League in the mix. This month we are focusing on two game walkthroughs. Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5, THPS5, and also Street Fighter V Champions. THPS5 will be played on Tuesdays and SFV will be played on non-tournament Thursdays. Gameplay starts promptly at 8PM but you can catch all the news moments before. Please come by the stream and ask me anything. And if Twitch isn't your thing, we are also on Facebook Gaming.

We appreciate your time in reading this and sharing with your favorite gamer.