Gaming Events in June

May was a taste of things to come. Here we are now in the first days of June and you can see that Brevard business owners are filling up the calendar with events. Before we start talking about gaming events in June, let us fill you in on all the fun from last month. Last month we pushed ourselves to stream more and host more events. Here is how it all went...

Last month we hosted 3 events:
Rocket League Duos, MRC IRL Fundraiser 12 Hour Stream Challenge, and Call of Duty Warzone solos. Viera Regional Community Center has opened a small game room and this is where we have been hosting those events. Our goal is to host 2 events a month for the rest of the year. We decided to tryout Rocket League 2 vs 2 and then Call of Duty Warzone for in person events. Thank you to all the participants at both events. Good job to Team Gator Wolf for winning at Rocket League and BlockedInsight on the Solos Warzone win. Please check out his YouTube channel! And we reached our goal for our fundraiser event.

Okay, now lets talk about gaming events in June on the Space Coast! Last month we gave a warm welcome to new businesses Game Over Bar Arcade and Bubbles & Board Games. Get Your Fun On announced a bunch of gatherings and Ready Set Game has unleashed multiple card game events. There is nearly an event every day in June. Be sure to bookmark our Calendar page to find events quickly.

Here are some must check out events in June 2021

Smash Ultimate Solo Tournament
Saturday June 5th at 5PM
Gamerz R Us - Cocoa, Fl

Space Coast X-Wing League Meetup
Monday June 14th at 4PM
Get Your Fun On - Melbourne, Fl

Pokemon League
Friday June 25th at 6PM
Get Your Fun On - Melbourne, Fl

Be sure to get out into town and support your local game shops. They are here for you and putting on events more frequently. Please share with your favorite gamer! Thank you for reading.