Happy New Year on the SpaceCoast

Happy New Year on the SpaceCoast and we can not wait to get things started! The first thing is, we will be streaming more frequently for the month of January. Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays we will be live streaming at 8:00PM EST on both
www.twitch.tv/team321gaming AND www.facebook.com/321gaming

Each stream will have a main topic such as monthly/weekly event updates in Brevard or nearby cities. Gameplay of the current games we plan on having tournaments for. And of course pursuing the mission of 321 Gaming by talking about all the businesses in the gaming industry that reside on the SpaceCoast.
Get acquantied with this new format with this YouTube Video:

That's one half of the mission while the other half is curating and hosting gaming events. The last year on the SpaceCoast we held multiple online Call of Duty tournaments. This year we plan on trying something new for Call of Duty players and in the meantime start trying other games of interests. Currently the games we are going to focus on for 2021 will be FIFA 21, Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War, Rocket League and possibly a few others.

As COVID restrictions are lifting on the SpaceCoast, we have been reaching out to venues for local tournaments to hold. Be sure to stay up to date by following us. If you would like us to host an event, please reach out. Til then, check out these events happening in the next few weeks:

CW Theaters West Melbourne 15
Mario Kart on Big Screen
Saturday January 9th @2PM

Get Your Fun On
X-Wing League
Monday January 11th @6PM

Get Your Fun On
Open Game Night
Thursday January 21st @6PM



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