Our Figment Review

Our review of Figment A Journey Into The Mind

We begin another game unknowing what we are getting into. "It looks cool, lets play it" was our mentality. Mental games is exactly what we found ourselves in as soon as the game started. Yes, this puzzle game tells a story of overcoming mental challenges. So, clever title. This alone was worth the play.

This games navigation will test your memory skills. The antagonists will taunt you and try to worry you. All of this in search of an ice cube for your drink! Music is vibrant through out the whole game, queuing different scenes and enemies.

Controls to this game were quite simple. Jump, action button and movement. Not even a map button which goes to the last paragraph that your memory will be tested on navigation between each round of a few levels. We hit the average time for playing through this game at just over 6 hours.

Visuals to this game are unique. It has a carnival type presence. Stylized like precise cardboard animated cuttings, this game is a fluid platformer that has an artsy inner child appeal. With no map, there are little hints to guide you through your way. You will have a small inventory to manage at times to help you through your puzzles and complete objectives. And our hint to you is to always go back and see what you can keep.

At the time of our recording, we played this on Xbox Gamepass and it was well worth it.

Watch the full game playthrough on YouTube